About us

Since 2010 Fajaralamal brings a high quality, safe and affordable medicines to the market. Our mission is to provide effective solutions for our patients and help them to live a full and happy life.

Our commitment to deliver a high quality and professional service is characterized by the status of a rapidly evolving institution. Complex care management in the field of medicines is realized in Yemen. We naturally pay an attention to the ethical, social and environmental dimensions in our every action and decision.

Ethical approach

Public and health professionals can always rely on objective and balanced medical information that we provide. Operating in accordance with ethical and legal rules to our partners and the wider public.


Years of experience in the pharmaceutical world lets us pay a close attention to the skillset and professional growth of our employees.


We consider a team work to be an essential part of our company. Based on the mutual trust we are a team of people, that you can completely rely on. We pay attention to the transfparency of our work and your satisfaction is our priority. That´s the reason why we have gained Seal of reliability for year 2016.


We bring a high-quality and affordable medicines and are always interested in their effects and impact on the environment. Only with such an approach we can guarantee long-term effective benefit of the products in the market.